29 April - 01 May, 2019 | Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington, London, United Kingdom

William Horner

Process Automation Consultant
Horner Technologies


Engaging organisations on cyber security is a major focus across the cyber security Industry. An efficient cyber security network is reliant upon both regulated and maintained technological defences and the engagement and cooperation of organisation staff at all levels from the ground up. Maintaining a secure network is reliant upon human engagement, increasingly amongst industries and individuals that have not previously faced a cyber threat.
This session will focus on how cyber security risks should be addressed to departments within an organisation, and how cyber security can be built into a company mentality. Key topics that workshop participants will focus on include: 
·          How cyber security concerns can be presented to target department priorities
·          Practical hands on demonstrations on how human interaction can expose cyber risks
·          How cyber awareness can be developed on an individual basis
·          Building an atmosphere of cyber security amongst departments
·          Understanding how IT professionals can positively reinforce best practice
·          Demonstrate how a cyber secure culture mitigates the risk from cyber attack
By attending this workshop, you will be able to;
·          Effectively engage with departments on cyber security
·          Create a cyber secure environment within your own organisation
·          Introduce IT professionals into the operating environment, ensuring both maintained productivity and cyber security
William Horner has a general Engineering degree from Brunel University in 1997 and a MBA from Durham Business School in 2010. He has over 18 years’ experience working in various different Process Automation and Operations roles and a track record of delivering innovative new approaches. William has been working with Industrial Control System Security since 2003. Between 2012 and 2015 he led a large global Industrial Control System security initiative across several hundred petrochemical plants, helping to bring various different departments together into an aligned approach to security.
William also pioneered the “Maturity Model” as a practical approach to creating awareness and managing cyber risk for the Industrial Control Systems.

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