Pre-Conference Workshop Day

10:35 AM - 12:35 PM Workshop A - Understanding the impact of differing internal security policies

William Horner, Process Automation Consultant, Horner Technologies
This highly interactive hands-on workshop experience has been created to ensure that delegates take advantage of the opportunity to understand the impact that different security policies can have on the overall security of your Industrial Control System through live demonstrations.
This will give you the chance to see in real time the interactions between the security architecture and the operational space along with some of the important practical considerations.

The workshop will highlight the difficulties faced across the typical business and provide an appreciation of how different departments must work together to provide the best possible security for these critical networks. The attendees will work in small teams to solve a series of workshop tasks designed to simulate some of the typical issues faced by operational teams.

Attendees will leave the session with:
  • A deeper understanding of the challenges faced within different business functions that impact the wider security vulnerabilities of the industrial control systems
  • A continued improvement of considerations that must be made when assessing the different risks facing ICS
  • An appreciation of the risk that human error and uninformed decision making can pose to the security of ICS

William Horner

Process Automation Consultant
Horner Technologies

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM Lunch

1:30 PM - 3:30 PM Workshop B - Innovation Pathways in Security Enhancements

Cevn Vibert, , Vibert Solutions
In our second workshop of the day, delegates will have the opportunity to learn, help, share and build new ideas in a highly interactive roundtable format. Delegates will be able to pose questions to their peers on the security and policy challenges they face, pass advice, listen and contribute. As the techniques for ICS security enhancements are varied and continually changing, it is critical to assess your currently internal procedures. Which products should you use and where? What are the latest must-haves and mustn't-haves? What are others doing, why and where did they fail/win?
As the threats to our critical business systems are increasing exponentially and the solutions multiplying, it is important to come together to discuss where we need to be looking to bolster our security, and understand the best options available with which to do

Take advantage of this interactive format and make sure that you are leaving the session with:
  • A better understanding of the tools available to help protect your industrial control systems from malicious cyber attacks
  • An appreciation of the successes and failures that your peers have experienced in their efforts to secure their systems and take advantage of those lessons
  • A recognition of the importance of internal working groups to assess your own processes and continually understand how you can update these to match the ever changing threat landscape
  • An improved awareness of technical risks as well as their human and organisational components

Cevn Vibert

Vibert Solutions